Renewable energies for a better future


Our Company

Allpro Green Energy is a limited liability company registered in Zambia. Allpro Green Energy focuses on development, execution and management of renewable energy projects in Zambia.
The availability of Solar energy in abundance in the Sub-Saharan countries and Zambia in particular, makes the development of solar energy projects essential to mitigate the ever increasing demand for electricity in the Region.
Allpro Green Energy works with governments, private corporations, financial institutions, manufacturers, and local groups in Zambia, to initiate, develop, execute and manage renewable energy for both domestic and commercial use.

About Us

Who we are

Allpro Green Energy is a wholly owned Zambian company domiciled in Lusaka, ZAMBIA. Our company is duly registered under the company’s act of 1994 of the laws of Zambia. We are a professional renewable energy services and solutions provider addressing energy challenges by improving access to and promoting adoption of clean and energy efficient technologies. We are dedicated to creating sustainable energy solutions and enriching lives by reducing energy poverty, providing long lasting and consistent energy solutions for households, businesses and communities.

Our Vision

To become a leading provider of affordable, innovative & high quality renewable energy solutions services beneficial to the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial consumers in Zambia.

Our Mission

To provide superior quality and innovative renewable energy solutions to help consumers overcome the difficulty of getting reliable power at affordable costs.

Our people

Allpro Green Energy is a fully Zambia owned and controlled company. Our Zambia profile gives the company advantages in community acceptability and the enjoyment of favourable regulatory incentives. Our company has engaged employees who are professional with a significant portion of employees, at all levels, drawn from its host communities. Our staff who cut across a wide spectrum of professional backgrounds are the bedrock of our successful operations.

Our Standard

Allpro Green Energy upholds high standards of corporate governance. The Company’s policy is to comply with all applicable rules, guidelines, regulations and best practices in the conduct of its operations. The company recognizes that entrenching good corporate governance standards and regulatory compliance will ensure its long-term success and accrue benefits for its shareholders, employees, community and other stakeholders. The Board and Management of Allpro Green Energy comprise of persons with proven industry track record and continue to drive the phenomenal strategic growth of the company particularly in areas of safety, social responsibility and local content.