These are some of our Polices

Local Content Policy

In pursuing our legitimate business opportunities, Allpro Green Energy maintains its commitment to comply with all applicable legal rules and regulations as well as international best practice principles.
Allpro Green Energy is dedicated to:

  • Developing indigenous skills across the energy value chain throughout the development of the Shibuyunji and Mumbwa.
  • Providing sustainable employment opportunities to Zambians and enhancing the multiplier effect on the host community by maximizing the participation of local companies and contractors.
  • Encouraging strong business partnerships with local service providers and product suppliers and works to increase their professional capabilities.
  • Aggressively developing the technical and project management capacities of our workforce.

HSE Policy

Allpro Green Energy Limited gives top priority to Health, Safety, Security and the Environment when making business decisions. Our cardinal operational principle is that no business objective shall be pursued at the expense of a world-class HSE performance. A major contributing factor to our long-term business success is the commitment of all our personnel to a strong HSE culture.

We are committed to the prevention of accidents, incidents and spills through the provision of healthy, safe and stable working conditions for our personnel on and at all of our premises.

All personnel involved in Allpro Green Energy Limited operations are:

  • Encouraged to be proactive personally and professional to support and enhance our HSE Strategy, Policies & Procedures.
  • Empowered and encouraged to stop and report any work related activity that does not comply with our HSE Strategy, Policies & Procedures.
  • Trained to perform their tasks and duties competently, safely and with due regard to the working environment.